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Along the Track: 'What Is Happening'

24 March 2020

The shelves are empty – no tinned food, no cleaning fluids, no toilet paper, then no meat, no bread, just shelves rapidly being stripped bare. And some very angry people, abusing fellow customers and checkout staff. Not a pretty picture. What does that say about us? Just a few short weeks ago we were congratulating ourselves on such a generous, compassionate response to the victims of the bushfires. And now this. 

Along the Track: 'Now is not the Time'

11 February 2020

We live in an extraordinary time. We live in a time of enormous change, in a time of the greatest movement of people across the globe, a time of amazing medical and scientific advancements, with communication techniques only dreamed about not so long ago. It is a time of extraordinary prosperity for some, a time of peace for many nations.


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