Fr John Paul Pasala - Parish Priest

I am Fr John Paul Pasala, I am from South India, Hyderabad. My late parents are Showrilu and Lourdu Mary. I am the youngest of four siblings; I have two brothers and a sister. At the age of 8, it was my parents wish and my desire to become a priest.  Almost every day, I would attend Mass and serve as an altar boy in my village Parish. I was brought up in a family where there are a number of priests and nuns, and in a village catholic environment. I undertook my primary schooling at St Vincent de Paul School and high school at Sacred Heart School in my village.

I have a loving devotion to Mother Mary; as a little boy, Father and I would sit at the grotto in my village and recite Holy Rosary every day. And in a special way, I also have a devotion to St Anthony of Padua - known for his preaching and miracles.

I joined the seminary at the age of 15 and did my seminary formation in different parts of India. After my Priestly Ordination, I had the chance to work in Cebu City Philippines for three years. In 2017, I came to Sandhurst Diocese, and after a year, I was Incardinated into the Diocese.  It is really an abundance of grace and blessings from Mother Mary. I worked as an Associate Parish Priest at St Brendan’s for two years. On 23rd October 2019, I was appointed as the Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Church, Tatura. 

I am now very happy to be part of the Kyabram Parish, and with your prayers and support I can do my best. My hobbies are meeting people, cooking and listening to music.

God bless you all.