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Along the Track: "Song of Joy"

24th May 2022

"Ein Karem is a beautiful little town. It has an atmosphere that makes one conscious very quickly that something special happened here. It has a population of around 2,000 but attracts three million visitors a year, mostly pilgrims from around the world.   The church there celebrates a very joy-filled event, Mary’s visit to her cousin Elizabeth. ..."

Along the Track: "It's Just Harmless"

10th May 2022

"I was in college with a person who was a master at labelling others with nicknames, myself included. Some were clever, some were funny, some were incomprehensible, some were original, witty even. But they all had one thing in common. They hurt. ..."

Along the Track: "Joining God in the Neighbourhood 3"

27th April 2022

" ... It can be an interesting exercise to reflect on who has taught and is teaching you most about God’s love? About God’s patience? God’s creativity? Who is teaching you about God’s forgiveness, about God’s generosity? Where is God at work in your life today?  ..."

Along the Track: "Joining God in the Neighbourhood 2"

29th March 2022

"If we think about Jesus’ great missionary command, we probably think of "Go out and make disciples of all nations, baptising them etc" as we read in Matthew. That’s one but not the first. The one before that is probably more relevant to today ..."

Along the Track: "Joining God in the Neighbourhood 1"

15th March 2022

Missional: Joining God in the Neighbourhood by Alan J. Roxburgh is a very timely book. It should be required reading for any Parish Council or anyone trying to build community intent on mission. To do this book justice in a few hundred words is impossible but there are a couple of thoughts worth considering.

Parishes are shrinking, being amalgamated, struggling to find a purpose in today’s environment. Despite studies and research, strategies and innovative schemes at times, people are still drifting away.  …”


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