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Along the Track: "Something to Consider"

2nd November 2021

During the pandemic one of the front-line doctors wrote: When I ask patients what they want at the end of life, many are genuinely bewildered. "I don’t know. I didn’t think it would happen to me."

Even in such drastic times as these, or even in ordinary time, death is not something front of mind. Most people have never considered their death.

Along the Track: "Joseph I"

14th September 2021

Pope Francis has invited us to remember St Joseph throughout 2021, focusing on the theme of “With a Father’s Heart” So what has Joseph got to say to us today? What do we know about him? Not much! But the Gospel writers Matthew and Luke wanted to tell us about him. We don’t know whether either of them knew him but he was obviously a figure deserving of great respect.

Along the Track: "Open and Listening"

7th September 2021

I read a thought provoking article recently written by a person who described himself as an Irish Catholic by baptism, culture, and upbringing but one who is “lapsed but listening,” though still a “sceptic”.  Others in that same article describe themselves as “believing without belonging”. There is another category “longing without belonging” mostly used about those who are searchers but who are not touched by present Church language. Some time ago, I listened to a group who described themselves as ‘Catholics in remission’. Others though are still practising, still believing, still finding a place in their church and still finding it to be a sign of hope.

Along the Track: "Affirming Difference"

10th August 2021

In her book, Late Migrations Margaret Renkl recounts that in 2007, the fossil remains of a severely disabled prehistoric man was uncovered in what is now Vietnam.

The skeleton revealed the fused vertebrae and weak bones characteristic of a congenital disease called Klippel-Feil Syndrome. The man was a quadriplegic, unable to feed himself or keep himself clean, and yet he survived to adulthood – during the Stone Age, mind you – because others in his community took care of him.

Incredible, isn’t it! What a beautiful story.


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