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Along the Track: "The Prism"

11th August 2020

“What do I hear as I go about life? It is a good question to ask ourselves. What have I heard today that has stayed in my mind? Did I focus on the positive or the negative? Was I so focussed on myself that I missed what others were talking about, some important messages perhaps? Did I listen only to those I agree with? Did I really listen or was I waiting to jump in with my response, my own story?  What has that got to do with listening to the Scriptures? …”

Along the Track: "Social Distancing"

14th July 2020

“Life is made up of the ordinary. Otherwise there wouldn’t be the extraordinary. The extraordinary, although usually very welcome, is not the stuff of life.  … During this pandemic, the ordinary has become extraordinary in the sense that we have come to appreciate much more what we had become used to, what we had taken for granted. We find that the special exists in the ordinary, we discover that we do not need to look for the special – it is right here in the ordinary.    …”

Along the Track: 'Spiders That Sail'

22nd June 2020

Scientists have discovered that an ordinary little spider, one we have all seen hundreds of times, is actually a very adept sailor.  This humble little spider has been sailing over ponds and rivers and creeks for thousands of years.  Faith is the key that enables us to see the wonders of the Creation as well as the love of its Creator.  For some, that is delusional, fantasy as it were. But faith is far from that. 

Along the Track: 'This Quiet Time'

26th May 2020

And so we are being ‘let out’. Our weeks of isolation are gradually being eased and we can see that there may be an end to this stage of the dreadful virus. There is a sense of relief and growing optimism. But it has been a time of contrasts … So what have we learned so far?

Along the Track: 'The Call of the Spirit'

12th May 2020

What will the Spirit call you to do today? What will the Spirit ask of you? How will the Spirit inspire you today?  These are encouraging questions at the same time as being challenging. 


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