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Along the Track: "Like Children Part 2"

2 March 2021

"In 1945 TS Eliot wrote: ‘the trouble of the modern age is not merely the inability to believe certain things about God which our forefathers believed, but the inability to feel towards God as they did.”  In my post war early years, we lived not only with the aftermath of that dreadful conflict but with the fear of the communist hoards that were supposed to engulf us. In this atmosphere, the God of fear reigned. Visiting missionaries preached about hellfire and judgement. We worried a lot about sin, "about religious obligations, missing Mass and what God might do. ..."

Harvest Mass

Harvest Mass

Thank you to those who attended our Harvest Mass on Saturday evening, and for generously donating food to St Vincent de Paul Society.

Read more to see some photos from the Harvest Mass.

Along the Track: "Like Children"

16th February 2021

“It is a wonderful experience to live with small children. … They are easily amazed, they see the forgotten, the overlooked as well as the spectacular in the very ordinary. They love a story, and their imagination is a well-honed skill. We miss out on a lot in our scepticism, our need for proof, our desire to account for or explain everything instead of just rejoicing in the awe and wonder of the world around us everyday. Children don’t have that problem. …”

Along the Track - "Which Stories?"

8th December 2020

“So what stories will we tell about 2020?! What stories will we choose to share, to take to heart, what stories do we want others to hear? … 2020 has left a lasting legacy. Throughout the year we were all waiting for things to return to ‘normal’ but, underneath it all, we realised that everything will not be as it used to be. Things have changed, some for the better, others not so. …”

Along the Track - "And so ..."

15th December 2020

"What will a Covid normal Christmas be like? Christmas is usually a wonderful time for most people, time with family and friends, gift giving and receiving, a break from work, the start of summer holidays for many. But for those moving out of lockdown, it will be a time of very mixed emotions, joy and apprehension, companionship and sadness for who can’t yet join us or for lost ones whose passing has gone unsung. The Virus has changed even the most basic things, even the way we gather. …"


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